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 Why the hurry?

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Why the hurry? Empty
PostSubject: Why the hurry?   Why the hurry? EmptyTue 23 Jun 2009, 10:38 pm

Why the hurry to extend Ely's contract? It's not even up for renewal yet !!!!!!!!!!

Five months from now, in November 2010, will we vote to extend (or not extend) President Obama's term in office that ends in January 2013??????? Of course NOT.

So neither the board nor any one else shoul vote on Ely's contract.

This very rush to do something---to extend a contract that is not expiring---makes it highly suspect that Ely is very close to Raucci.

Also, when Ely was told about the stuff that Raucci was doing, why didn't Ely do anything?

Now, in this country of freedom of speech (this does not contain swear words nor porn), will this message be censored Ely or the board because it askes tough questions and questions WHY Ely failed to do anything to Raucci when he (Ely) CLEARLY was informed of it?
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Why the hurry?
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