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 C4E Comments and Feedback - Posted July 24

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C4E Comments and Feedback - Posted July 24 Empty
PostSubject: C4E Comments and Feedback - Posted July 24   C4E Comments and Feedback - Posted July 24 EmptyFri 24 Jul 2009, 3:27 pm

Comments and Feedback

Superintendent Eric Ely has been inviting comments and complaints regarding the 2009-2010 Contract for Excellence.

Under the 2009-2010 plan, the previous established Contract for Excellence programs will be maintained. These include:

The Fulton Early Childhood Education Center (opened in 2007-2008)
Increased staff in the middle schools
Reduced class sizes in grade six
Additional remedial English language arts and math teachers to all three middle schools
Instructional coaches and mentors in each elementary school
Extended day programs in all schools
Technology-based alternative learning program
Professional development

These programs all fall under one of the five C4E categories:
class size reduction
programs that increase student time on task
teacher and principal quality initiatives
middle-level and high school restructuring
full day kindergarten or pre-k
teacher and principal quality initiative

Please note, the C4E plan includes the same programs and initiatives as the 2008-2009 plan.

Request for Input

Superintendent Ely invited members of the school and community to learn about the C4E programs and continues to invite comments, suggestions and complaints by calling or emailing and by sharing thoughts on the school district discussion board.

The Contract for Excellence detailed plan is posted on the district website. The community has been informed through newsletters, the posting on the website and school district discussion board. A story regarding the hearing was also printed in the Daily Gazette on July 19, 2009.

A public hearing on the Contract for Excellence was held on Monday, July 20, 2009 at Mont Pleasant Middle School.

Comments and Feedback

Public Hearing
The public hearing was held on Monday, July 20, 2009 at Mont Pleasant Middle School.

The superintendent presented the 2009-2010 C4E. He spoke about the programs established under C4E and showed how the efforts are resulting in improved student achievement across the district.
(Student Data Charts:

There were not any comments regarding the program.

One question was raised:

What extended day programs are offered through the C4E?
Superintendent Ely's Answer:

The extended day program is offered in each of the district buildings. The program and details vary from building to building. Each school offers the program four days per week. The elementary program runs one hour each day. The middle school and high school programs run for an hour and a half each day. The programs are designed and targeted to assist lower achieving students in English Language Arts and mathematics. Academic help is available in all areas.

Discussion Board Question:
What are the extended day programs that will be maintained?

Superintendent Ely's Answer:

The Extended Day Program is scheduled to run four days per week (between Monday and Friday) immediately after school for one hour at the elementary school level and one and a half hours per day at the secondary level. This program targets students who have not performed well on the state tests in English Language Arts or Mathematics. It is also available to help children with their homework if necessary. The program varies from school to school. Please contact your building principal for specifics about the program at your school.


Superintendent Ely received one e-mail in response to his call for comments and suggestions regarding the Contract for Excellence.

"I have four children in the Schenectady City School District.
Two of them are in the Young Scholars Program. Two of them need every bit of extra help they can get.
Thank you for the support you provide to each of my children and my family."

Contact the Superintendent
If you have other suggestions, please contact Superintendent Ely.
E-mail -
Phone - 518.370.8100 X-107
Write -
Schenectady City School District
Attention: Superintendent Eric Ely
108 Education Drive Schenectady, NY 12303
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C4E Comments and Feedback - Posted July 24
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