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 Frequently Asked Questios - Page 2

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Frequently Asked Questios - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questios - Page 2   Frequently Asked Questios - Page 2 EmptyThu 05 Feb 2009, 5:58 pm

Question: Will this plan help the budget issues?

Answer: It will save some money, however the main reasons to proceed would be to do what is best for our students, both socially and academically. This type of move also helps us attain our objectives as set forth in our district’s strategic plan.


Question: Will teachers lose their jobs because of these changes?

Answer: This type of strategic move is designed to reach our objectives relative to student achievement and behavior. The current economic situation will affect the district’s over all staffing as we go into next year.


Question: The first year there will be too many older students in the building. This could be unsafe. Could there be a plan to delay it one year and plan better?

Answer: There is no plan to delay this proposal. The proposal is under consideration for next fall. The current sixth and seventh grade students at Central Park number a total of around three hundred. We will just need to accommodate that number for one year as we move forward.

Question: Is there really enough space to house a K-8 at Central Park at this time with the large number of 8th and 7th graders?

Answer: Yes. The building has at least 35 classrooms.

Question: How will the building be divided to insure that there is a separation of the K-5 population so that there are not times when the 7th and 8th graders are changing for classes and the younger children are going to lunch or a special?

Answer: This is a question best answered by the staff and administration of the K-8 school. The concerns in this area need careful consideration as we determine the best use of available classrooms within the Central Park building. The schedule of a K-8 building is approached in many ways across the country and I believe the staff and administration must work together to find one that works for our particular building.


Question: There is no bus loop at Central Park. We know that bus loops are important for school safety. The only space that could be used is parking spaces for staff and it is very small and unloading and loading could take a lot of time.

Answer: We have operated buildings for years without bus loops. Safety precautions are taken every day. Traffic is halted in front of the building at dismissal time. We can certainly look at our upcoming project to determine if this concern can be addressed this summer.


Question: The retrofitting of Central Park will take place during the summer. When will there be time for teachers to set up classrooms and the book room?

Answer: In August or as soon as the work is completed.

Question: How will staff get into the building in the summer if there is going to be construction going on?

Answer: Staff will not be permitted in the building when work is ongoing unless prior arrangements are made with the administrator in charge and the facilities office to ensure that nobody gets hurt in a construction zone.

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Frequently Asked Questios - Page 2
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