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 When will the employees have a safe working environment

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When will the employees have a safe working environment Empty
PostSubject: When will the employees have a safe working environment   When will the employees have a safe working environment EmptyTue 10 Mar 2009, 7:27 am

Hello Mr. Ely,

When I have read the articles about the ongoing case regarding Steven Raucci, I thought it would be interesting to ask how can all of these allegations possibly occurred without school district administration knowing, and if you did not know what does that say about the Schenectady School District as a whole?

A few highlights from the Daily Gazette show a work atmosphere that must have been terrifying for some of the school district employees. Is the district going to provide some kind of compensation or counseling for the years of abuse some of the employees may have endured? If the quote below is true, how can the kids in the district be safe when the employees may not even have been safe? Maybe the Department of Education should look at removing the "persistently dangerous" label from the high school but instead labeling the working conditions as "persistently dangerous" for some in the district.

"The victim who said he feared for himself and his wife alleged that Raucci vandalized their house or car
five separate times, and that Raucci had stated to other witnesses that if he knew he had a terminal
illness, he would kill the couple. Another witness deposition said Raucci repeated the statement at
morning meetings at the district's Mont Pleasant facilities office, often with more than 20 people

"The intimidation allegedly continued at work, where Carney said Raucci made employees work on his
house, opened people's paychecks in front of other employees and threatened to fire or demote
employees, telling them his union position would enable him to know about any grievance filed against

What will the school district do to ensure a safe working environment for all employees and what is the district going to do for the employees who lived with years of abuse and stress? Mr. Ely, would you have reacted faster to this situation if Mr. Raucci would have been your boss instead of being under you, allegedly terrorizing employees who seem to have been forgotten about?
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When will the employees have a safe working environment
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